Caleb Schroeder

Personal Trainer/Owner

Caleb attended Neosho County Community College where he played soccer for two years. After receiving his associate’s degree he attended Wichita State University pursuing a degree in electrical engineering. After three and half years of engineering classes he realized he was in it for one thing and one thing only, the money. He moved to Hays, Kansas and began studying what he was truly passionate about, health and human performance. That is when he found his true calling in life. Caleb graduated in 2006 from Fort Hays University with a bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Performance. He moved to Wichita, KS to pursue a career at the YMCA, where he trained for 6 years. Caleb became interested in alternative forms of training and attended a Kettlebell/Mobility certification class with one of the top instructors in the world. He is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine as a Health and Fitness Specialist. He has also trained under the mentorship of Steve Maxwell, one of the top Kettlebell instructors in the world. He holds certifications in Tower Pilates and Mobility Training. In September of 2012 he decided to open his own personal training studio. Caleb is passionate about personal training and truly works to instill that in all his clients. He is the father of Diesel and Walker, two stout, young miniature dachshunds, whom he loves very much. 


Group Fitness/Owner

Lindsay graduated from Washburn University in 2004, receiving her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance. She was a member of the Washburn Dancing Blues, dance team. Lindsay has been in some form of gymnastics or dance since she was four. Her passion for fitness stems from her dance background. Lindsay moved to Wichita, KS in 2005 and decided finance was not fulfilling her dreams. She started teaching Business at Wichita North High School, where she coached dance for 5 years. Strength training became a larger part of her life when she started group training, 7 years ago with a few girlfriends. You guessed it…Caleb was their trainer. She has been hooked ever since. Lindsay is a certified barre instructor and has several years’ experience in kettlebell training.  



Yoga Instructor

 Lisa graduated from Wichita State University in 2002 and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene. She has always been interested in health and fitness in some form or another, and yoga is no exception. Lisa is a Yoga Works 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher, and continues to be a student of the practice. She very much enjoys sharing the benefits of yoga through classes where students can find a balance of body and mind. 

When not practicing yoga, Lisa hangs out with her husband and furry kids, trains with Caleb, and cheers for Shocker athletics!