About Us

Inside Out Fitness was founded by Caleb Schroeder and Lindsay Downing in September, 2012, when Caleb realized he had more to offer clients than the traditional, overcrowded gyms. Caleb is passionate about instilling wellness from the Inside Out in every, single person that enters the gym. Inside Out Fitness is a unique training facility with a fun, relaxed and hardworking atmosphere. We like to consider ourselves a bar without the alcohol; imagine the television series Cheers; remove the alcohol, add some weights, laughter, comradery and that’s us! We are dedicated to helping every client reach their full potential. 

We believe wellness starts on the inside and finds its way out. We are here to be the voice inside your head that says yes you can!

We offer Personal and Group training, utilizing kettlebells, traditional strength training and suspension straps; as well as Bootcamps, Kettlebell Express, Power Hour, Yoga Sculpt, Piyo, and Barre classes. We work with clients of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels. Our goal is educate, instill self-confidence, motivate, and inspire all of our clients to achieve their perfect lifestyle. Your first workout is free! Stop by and check us out! You will walk out of the studio exhausted, motivated and feeling more focused on achieving your results than ever before!